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Courtney Sperduto

Bad girl, or just bad driver?

Courtney Sperduto – on the…flag?

While riding down Hwy. 159 in Collinsville, Illinois on 7/19/17, a car driven by a female later known as Courtney Anne Sperduto, cut me off when making a right turn into a driveway, then after stopping, proceeded to turn and hit my bicycle. I confronted Sperduto and she said she was a cop and starting work at at an unspecified police department, as well as saying her dad worked at Collinsville Police Department. She was driving a white Chevy Malibu with Illinois License Q189186. I forwarded the information to the Collinsville Police Department.

I was later contacted by the officer, Pickerel, who told me he spoke with Sperduto and said no charges were filed, but that a file would be opened with the information I would provide by way of a copy of my camera video, that would go into her file if she applied for a position with the department. I posted the video to YouTube as well as placed a copy of the video on a flash drive and delivered to the Collinsville Police Department for officer Pickerel.

I recently submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to the Collinsville Police Department, and did some follow-up research on Sperduto. She is a graduate of Southwestern Illinois College (Class of 2017), and was also a member of the Waterloo High School SAFE (Safe Actions For Everyone) Club in 2014. The Republic-Times newspaper did an article on the club. I find it interesting that Sperduto, having been a member of that club would turn out to be such a poor driver in 2017.

I checked with the Village of Maryville, IL for any records relating to Sperduto, which they responded in the negative. She told officer Pickerel, per his report, that she was currently on an eligibility list to be hired. It would appear that Sperduto lied to officer Pickerel about her possible employment with Maryville, IL, possibly in hopes of receiving leniency or sympathy.

Having worked as a private investigator, I have resources to gather other information about Sperduto, including copy of driver’s license, credit history, school transcripts, employment information, address history, vehicles…etc. I am in the process of gathering all of that information and will be making it available via a private link since some of the information contained on these reports may be considered borderline “improper”.  I am not using illegal means to gather this information. Contact me via my contact page if you would like to see that information once I update this page with confirmation it has been compiled.


YouTube Video of Incident 


Don’t be fooled by this fool

Courtney Anne Sperduto (Some information redacted because it’s not nice to pick on foul-mouthed, ignorant, dumbass rednecks)

** Julie Drive
Glen Carbon, IL 62034
Phone: 618.***.7205
Drivers License No: S163-****-6739
DOB: 5/15/96
Auto Insurance: Country Mutual
Policy No: P12A378****

2013 Chevrolet Malibu
Illinois License Plate: Q189186
VIN: 1G11B5SAXDF184425

Issue with my bike occurred on 7/19/17
She she was involved in an accident on 8/10/17
Date of incident: 08/10/2017
Accident Location: N MARKET ST / COVINGTON DR
Report No.: 1113
Ticket: 2017TR2016

Sperduto rear-ended a car that was waiting to make a turn. Witnesses said they saw that vehicle’s turn signal and brake lights working, but Sperduto told the police the lights were not working. Again, she lied.



Republic Times article about safe driving and healthy lifestyles where Courtney Sperduto is a member at Waterloo HS

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SWIC (Southwestern Illinois College 2017 Graduates)

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