Synaptic Regurgitations of Marc MkKoy

Articulate Anarchy, Reasoned Rebellion, Paroxysmal Philosophy - I subscribe to a philosophy of non-violence, non-aggression, peace, and tolerance towards any means necessary

Request for Review PAC #40411

PAC # 40411 and 40414

  • Government is not the standard by which our liberty is measured, it is the standard by which free people accept despotism.
  • Government is the last resort when tolerance, reason, and independence succeed.
  • Mirrors are the way by which we view our person, conscience is the way by which we view our spirit, society is the way by which we view our humanity, and government is the way by which we shut our eyes.
  • Laws are not rules to live by, they are rules to kill by.
  • The result is not a society of autonomous individuals freely associating peaceably, but a gaggle of morally emaciated nincompoops kowtowing to arbitrary authority in fear of being denied what is theirs by nature.
  • It can be said, laws are platitudes for a pusillanimous populace divested of their sovereignty through systemic indoctrination and sagacious statism.
  • There is not a more pitiful sight than a man who has forsaken his own humanity to pursue the fantasy of believing himself superior to other men by virtue of the office bestowed upon him.
  • In the search for truth, it is not most important that one arrives at the answer, but rather be capable of comprehending the question.
  • I was asked, “By what right do you disobey the laws of this State?” By what right?! By the right that I existed before the State; antecedent to an army of prehensile proselytizers of sagacious hegemony supplanting my reason with notions of allegiance, patriotism, and subjugation to men and a tatter of cloth. My first concept was that of self, of I. By that right, I need not disobey the State, but disavow it.
  • With respect to “society”, I am completely out of “control”. With respect to my “conscience”, I am the consummate “conformist”.