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Media Blacks Out New Snowden Interview

I am simply reposting from the story I saw here http://benswann.com/media-blacks-out-new-snowden-interview-the-government-doesnt-want-you-to-see/

The US Intelligence industry can to go hell. Thank you, Edward Snowden, for exposing the lies, abuses, and terrorism of the NSA and its ilk. I just want people to see this interview and become rightfully outraged. In the interview, Snowden actually discusses threats against his life and how the vermin serving that agency would take perverted pleasure in killing him. ‘Murica! Yeah, right.

For whatever political aberration the United States has become, the government thereof has clearly grown outside its Constitutional mandate and limitations. An unconstitutional government is no government, but rather a consortium of thugs and brutes collaborating with bankers and corporations to financially exsanguinate the people and instill fear through the Munchausen Terror Paradigm and its ever-watchful, collaborative police state. I would prefer the Agency be reduced to ashes and provisions instituted to ensure it never again reared its ugly head. Should it keep directing its eyes towards the inhabitants of the land of which it supposedly is protecting, then it will soon be met with a stick.

Mr. Snowden, you are a hero, possess temerity, and inspire others. I will not diminish your deeds by calling them patriotic, but rather honor you for risking your life to expose villainy. Thank you.

The NSA’s Code Cracking Data Center Looms Large

 I am responding to an article at Wired.com http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/all/1 that talks about the NSA’s new data center for breaking encryption and listening in on ALL communication.

Dear National Security Agency, and all would-be proponents and supporters of governments everywhere who fashion themselves in the image of the paterfamilias called the United States,

They say, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Well, I have everything to hide, but still am not afraid. The fact is, they are here, and they have the means to invade our lives. So, let’s lay it on the table. I’ll save the taxpayers a bit of coin and tell the NSA what they will probably find out anyway. I won’t bother encrypting, encoding, obfuscating, or hiding what I have to say. The United States Government is an out-of-control, imperialistic, totalitarian, exploitative, terroristic Leviathan.

Let’s put it like this; if you have nothing to fear, then you have no reason to intercept communications. Yet, you do have something to fear, don’t you Uncle Sam? Your global transgressions and immoral propensities have dyed the rivers and oceans with the blood of innocents. Your boot print is an indelible reminder of your disregard for cultures and sovereignty. Your filth infects this planet like a metastasizing cancer. You bear none of the markings of a peaceful, prosperous, and virtuous society. You were founded on blood and maintain your existence in the same fashion. You need to keep tabs on communication because it is the most dangerous weapon we have. People don’t need guns or bombs, when they can spread ideas of peace and resistance through the peaceful exchange of ideas, and it is in your nature to take offense and vex over such ideas, because they are the death knell to your need to exist.

There are many testaments to your self-aggrandizement and political narcissism. Most are benign and appeal only to the doting dolts of political megalomania, but this, the “Spy Center”, is the consummate governmental gummata. Like a yellowish mound preparing to burst through the skin and spread bacterial effluent, your spy center says to mankind, “There is no realm we cannot invade or no place sacrosanct from our jurisdiction.”

Until you acquire the technology to invade the minds of your dissenters, you have not won. People will meet in secret, and even in public. Your provocateurs will attempt to infiltrate, will be routed out, and be seen no more. The people will develop ways to avoid your traps, even if that means abandoning this sinking ship for greener pastures. What there is to fear, is your quest for glory and power, fueled by the globalists and financiers who stoke your coals. There is no plot of soil outside your ability or desire to subdue, but the spirit of peaceful people will never be within your grasp.