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Spring is in the air, as are the promises of a better, safer life if you only vote for pandering politicians to control your life, and those around you. The cyclical cynicism caused by ads where one moral leper eschews the other in seducing your consent to their governance soon fades to our whining, submission, and hopes for an even more-moral leper next election year. Is this the best society has to offer, or what we have merely been groomed to accept?

I get it. People suck. They will steal, kill, lie, and defraud; so the logical approach is to turn to government where we choose polished thieves, killers, liars, and frauds to carve a niche’ for themselves from our consent to keep the stealing, killing, lying, and fraud palatable by labeling them taxation, war, legislation, and justice.

The thing is, I choose with whom from society to associate with. When I identify someone to be less than what I care to engage, I avoid them and prepare my defenses accordingly should they persist. I am not free to choose my government, or so it is believed. Why then, am I free to manage my own affairs in one respect, but must accept the societal rot that is government, especially when it has run so afoul as seen today?

Government has failed, and those courting your vote have designs on one thing; making a better life for themselves at your expense. Government is a society’s mental disorder. Heal thyself.

Do Away With Tyrants By Not Voting.

Do Away With Tyrants By Not Voting.

“…..deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed….” How many people consider the significance of those ten words? I could write an essay on each one of them. It is disturbing to see how the Declaration of Independence is generally dismissed. There are areas of study involving constitutional interpretation, but there is virtually no discussion of the Declaration of Independence. Of course, the Declaration is not a legal document, but I posit that it is an organic document germane to the formation of the federal government, as well as all government. It is a philosophical proclamation. An averment to a state of nature, absent any external authority. It is a qualification and justification for certain people who wish to submit themselves to a form of governance as an expedient to preserving their natural rights.

Consider the first word, “deriving”. This implies that something must be surrendered, relinquished, entrusted to, or bestowed to that which does not otherwise possess it. In nature, there are no governments. There are only people. The Declaration states that all men are endowed with certain unalienable rights. It does not say that all men derive their rights from their Creator. All men are “endowed” with such rights. We possess them. Further, they are unalienable. They are as much a part of us as our thoughts, our feelings, our opinions. You cannot lose them if you try. You can neglect to recognize or exercise them, but they are an indelible part of our humanity. Government, being a fiction, cannot possess inherent powers. Since people form such they must delegate some of their individual powers to others acting in the roles created.

Looking further at this statement, we see “just powers”. What powers are considered just? We must first look to natural law to determine what constitutes justice in nature. Justice can be said to be that harmony which exists between equally free people living peaceably amongst each other. There is no need for justice where men live alone. There are no others to give rise to controversies or injuries. No court has ever been comprehended to mediate differences between what the flesh desires, and the conscience allows.

“…from the consent…” means that whatever just powers are exercised, they must flow “from” something. To flow from cannot mean to be taken from. For something to flow from it must move freely without impediment. What is that thing that produces the “just powers”? It is consent. Consent is permission, acquiescence, acceptance. It is not involuntary, coerced, or usurped. The just powers flow freely from an agreement that such just powers should be permitted to exist.

The capstone for this statement is “of the governed”. Just who are the “governed”. They are those who offer their consent in bestowing the just powers. Therefore, only people who are governed may lend their consent to the formation of such a government. In-turn, if there are a “governed”, there by implication must be non-governed. Otherwise, government would require the consent of “all people” or other such statement. Men, by nature, are not governed, notwithstanding the demands of conscience. The only people capable of being governed are those with the power to create such a government; as well as those who must give their consent. Being “governed” does not equate to slavery. Even if the governed choose to not consent, the government loses its just power. Being of the “governed” is one who chooses to to engage a political society who has formed an expedient suited to their safety and happiness. You become “governed” voluntarily, and from that condition consent must derive.

Taking the phrase in context, “…deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” gives birth to “government officials”, who are offices, roles, actors….. created by the governed through their consent, by which flesh and blood individuals exercise just powers. Since government officials are created by the “consenting governed”, they can be undone by doing away with the consent from the governed. The flesh and blood men who serve in those capacities remain unharmed and non-the-less diminished. They are homeless in respect to exercising any just powers bestowed by any office, but the construct of the “government official” ceases to be. Refusing to consent kills the title, office….etc, because consent is lacking.

Now, where does the consent originate? Can you close your eyes and meditate, calling forth all your wishes to be a “consenting governed” and manifest mayors, legislatures, judges….etc.? Of course not. You must engage the system by the rules set forth for the “governed”, and vote for these roles to exist, and to populate those roles with flesh-and-blood actors. If we would cease to divest ourselves of our sovereignty and put our would-be masters in positions to abuse us, we would cease to witness rogues and despots exercising unjust powers. Your vote is the breath of life for despots to crawl the earth.

Therefore, I encourage you to abolish the make-believe entity called “government officials”. You can do away with scores of political pathogens without raising a finger, literally. By refusing to act, in any way whatsoever, they cease to exist. By your inaction, they perish quickly and permanently. Without firing a shot, raising a fist, uttering a word, they will cease to be. Don’t vote and your enemy is undone and defeated. All that is left is the scores of men with no justification to assume unnatural positions. They are then left with no recourse but to assail you in their proper person, and face their victims when committing their atrocities. Such men are cowards, and require the anonymity and privileges afforded by our ignorance in providing them refuge.