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Some people justify their subjugation as being an expedient for living in an “imperfect world”. I posit that the world is not imperfect, but exactly the opposite. It is perfect in the respect that it conforms to the laws of nature set down by the Creator, without deviation or hesitance. Man, by his nature, is imperfect; for he possess the choice to be what he is; whereas nature is a slave to the law. It is imperfect men who challenge us to submit to imperfection. We may choose to either suffer under the imperfect demands of other men, or work towards being more-perfect individuals. I do not acquiesce to the pressure of imperfect men for it impedes my progression towards being the individual I choose to be.

There is not a more pitiful sight than a man who has forsaken his own humanity to pursue the fantasy of believing himself superior to other men by virtue of the office bestowed upon him.

There is no badge big enough to conceal a coward who seeks its protection.

You say I am tilting at windmills. This government is the “best” in the world, by comparison. We need authority and control to preserve society. Such were the cries over the ages in support of monarchy and dictatorship, and with the enlightenment of man, those institutions have slowly crumbled; only to have their pieces gathered, polished, and constructed into the new leviathan we now suffer under and call freedom.

Government is an insult. It says to society, “Not only do I not trust you, but I think so little of myself as to surrender a part of my nature in submission to an external authority. I will set aside reason, persuasion, tolerance, and enlightenment so I may summon a creature which expresses the base, vulgar, and violent aspect of my nature and do to others that which I could not otherwise allow myself to do.”

Nothing says, “I love you” more than a statutorily created business arrangement promulgated under the auspices of an administrative authority designed to oversee the equitable distribution of the fruits born pursuant to a union of petitioning subjects desiring to exercise privileges derived from the exchange of natural, inalienable rights.

I have just completed an exhaustive analysis of two of the worlds most-read literary tomes, the Bible and Penthouse Letters, and has awarded the title of “Most factual, authentic, and entertaining” to Penthouse. Although the Bible greatly outranked Penthouse in sexual references and deviant acts, Penthouse was redeemed by the creative use of phallic euphemisms like “throbbing member” and “say hello to my little friend”.

With respect to “society”, I am completely out of “control”. With respect to my “conscience”, I am the consummate “conformist”.

With regard to my privacy and the apologetic sycophant’s justification for governmental intrusion into my affairs in support of their feigned perception of security under the pretence that if I nothing to hide, I should have nothing to fear, I say this; I will aver that I have nothing to hide, but only upon your affirmation that it is I who will set the terms, time, and subject by which I will disclose.

I believe that life is merely the gestation of our death. Just as a mother’s life impacts upon her fetus, so our life impacts upon our true being, notwithstanding this wretched and loathsome flesh-bound vehicle. If this material world be the true summation of “existence”, then I beckon for a hasty departure and bid adieu to the ephemeral delusion. Otherwise, the flesh is nothing more than sensory distraction to “I”.

One has to wonder if, after seeing how mankind treats itself, if we truly are the superior species. The powers we possess may not be by virtue of our being superior in the animal kingdom, but a prerequisite for God, knowing what fools we were to become, merely endowed us with nothing more than the ability to succumb to an elaborate joke. We may be nothing more than the cosmic equivalent of “look, your shoe’s untied”.

No people have been harmed in my refusing to cooperate with arbitrary edicts of various legislatures and agencies but man, some bureaucrats sure got their panties in a bunch! You’re welcome, society.

I say to government: I will strike you down, snuff you out, kill you, burn you, annihilate you, destroy you…. WAIT! ….you are not real, you are a fiction, a wayward synapse, a hope gone awry. I need not raise a finger. It is enough that I merely… IGNORE you. You inspire the oaths of oafs, the flags of fools, and the beliefs of the beguiled. Reasonable men should shun you and submit to their conscience. Be gone!

I say that violent resistance to government is wrong. Violent resistance to men, who would compel your obedience and violate your conscience, is moral and justified. It is not our burden to reconcile when men disguise themselves as “agents” or “officers”. The confrontation is man against man, and no fiction can absolve a man of his actions. Government is a contrivance of those who seek to subdue others.

I am an Anarchist – not in that I favour disorder, but in that Natural Law is the only order. I am an Atheist – not in that I deny god, but that I deny any god other than mine. I am a free man – not in that my flesh may not be confined, but that my mind will not. I am – not in that I require approval or permission, but that I persist in spite of it. We are labelled by others, but defined by our selves.

Who has any legitimate authority to dictate the actions of another? Who has any legitimate authority to demand obedience to their will? If there exist such authority, why then do not such people exercise that authority in their proper person rather than electing vermin, thugs, and scoundrels as their proxy, and masking their tyranny as “government”? Those unfit to govern themselves have no authority to govern others.

I am so tired of explaining to people that government has NO legitimate authority over anyone unless they consent to that authority. I have NO obligation to vote if I feel government has nothing to offer, or if whatever benefit they may provide is offset by harm or injury; not only to myself, but to others. I have NO obligation to obey the arbitrary edicts of a legislature. I have no use for such foolishness.

My rebellion is an expression of my conscience to bring myself into harmony with nature. As in tuning an instrument, the pitch of nature is discernible to every ear that would but listen. When force or authority attempts to strike a note using our will for its cacophonous din, we attempt to bring ourselves into tune with the melody composed by the Grand Master of the Universe.

Upon reaching a certain age we begin to realize the childishness in having make-believe friends, then following years of public education we go on to cast votes for them.

There are no bad cops, only bad men. Police are fictions of a delusional system of control, and men who resort to that system for administering their personal justice are the dregs of humanity; for they won’t stand in their own person and commit their atrocities to be judged on their sociopathic actions. Conversely, there are no good cops, only good men. Bestowing accolades on an institution that harbours, nurtures, and promotes violent acts by way of the tenuous connection to moral men, does not assign morality to that institution. It is men who sully themselves with the garb of that institution, even though their beliefs be misguided, who do not succumb to the evil festering therein, and act virtuously despite associating with brigands.

Though my flesh be bruised and bloody, my property violated, and my body stilled, I persist. I am the most dangerous brand of individual. Not that I possess superior strength or force, but because I cannot be made to tremble, or fear violence. That alone disarms most tyrants, for it is the staple in their arsenal of intimidation.
My spilled blood is the license by which I will exercise my prerogative to self-defence.

Uninformed governance is irresponsible and dangerous. Those who vote without investing themselves in maintaining order and accountability in that creature which they create are just as responsible for any tyranny as if they were themselves oppressors.

I would trust an honest atheist over a hypocritical Christian.

Government is not the standard by which our liberty is measured, it is the standard by which free people accept despotism.

It is not required that one tilt at windmills to defeat tyranny, it is merely that we erect ourselves to live by our principles.

Government is so far removed from the concept of morality that it is absurd to even try to comprehend it from an anthropomorphic perspective. Government is more often than not the tool of oppression wielded by the majority who will by edict or force assign their de facto definition of what is moral or immoral. Somewhere there will always be a fallible, imperfect, potentially corruptible, unlikely reputable, individual banging the gavel or signing the mala prohibita proclamations that creep into the private actions of peaceable people who happen to be different.

Government is the last resort when tolerance, reason, and independence succeed.

I choose to take my chances and flourish, or perish, under the dictates of my conscience and abdicate nothing to any man.

I earn a living by my industry and labour through private contracts and receiving compensation by way of valuable consideration as exchanged in the marketplace in an occupation of common right.

Every war should be fought with spoons, and only by the political leaders of those warring nations. Let them invest themselves in wrenching the life from their enemy while the people live their lives peaceably and prosperously. Good riddance!

I take little offence at anything, notwithstanding vulgar insults or physical assault. Even the vulgar insults are easily dismissed once one understands the sources of such guttural flatulence. I am always open to constructive criticism and debate.

I know of no debt to society since I place no burden upon society, have received no demand for payment by society for any perceived burden placed thereupon, ask nothing of society which benefits myself individually, know of no person or entity that has identified itself to me as “society” or has evidenced any burden placed upon it by me.

I don’t care what government does for others, I ask such government to do nothing for me. I am not obligated to anyone but myself and those with whom I’ve made myself morally obligated and duty bound. I take advantage of nothing, although the majority’s public and willing display of ignorance and greed provide ample fertile ground for an opportunistic individual to exploit. If one cares to make a claim against my person or labour then let them bring whatever armed brigands they may see fit to summon for their aid and exploitation and take what they think is their entitlement. Otherwise, save the collectivist blather for them and their ilk. I say many have not the courage to face anyone on their own, but rely upon the violence and despotism of willing government actors to serve as their evil proxy.

If one admits to a government by the “consent of the governed”, and the incapable, collectivist ilk want to form such a government and consent to IT being the source of their reason, conscience, morality, sustenance, knowledge, healthetc., then the incapable, collectivist ilk can form, and consent to, such a government. The incapable, collectivist ilk CANNOT morally conscript others like myself to participate in, or consent to such a government.

I don’t believe that societal inequities can be remedied by government, but should be allowed to work themselves out in the arena of public and private compassion, discussion, and responsibility. the question is not whether government should correct these problems, but we should not allow government to prohibit, regulate, or interfere with whatever societal solutions we may choose to exercise. Government has made these issues their domain and therefore controls the suffering and limits the compassionate.

Government is a tool for the intolerant, narrow-minded, insecure, ignorant, and domineering. Where it was originally intended to provide for the protection of individual life, liberty, and property, it now caters to corporations, special interests, associations, and all which grease the palms of malfeasing, self-ordained oligarchs.

That is the state of our ignorant society. The American version of blonde-hair, blue-eyed, Aryan sheep.

When you strip away the precious preconceptions, icons, idols, edifices, and contrivances people tenaciously cling to with nary a modicum of self-investment, research, intellectual discernment or critical-thought; pushing them outside their comfort zone, you can readily observe how much people act upon what they’re told as opposed to what they know.

What I have come to know is because I challenged much of what I was “told” and when they fell silent I knew that I was either right, or they didn’t know more than me. I’m not a genius, or don’t consider myself a genius. What I know, no matter how flawed or mistaken it may be, is what I have learned on my own and have come to understand honestly and through my own education. It is my truth. It may not be everyone’s truth. But until I’m shown otherwise, it is the standard by which I peaceably live my life. I also make sure that I err on the side of caution and, if acting out of ignorance, only expose myself to injury instead of others. Unfortunately, I know of many would rather I act, or rather advocate not acting, on my own volition.

I don’t believe when I hear that a “law” has been passed. An Act has been passed by the legislature, but I would stop short of calling it a “law”. Just because a number of people vote “yea” on something does not make it binding upon anyone who wished not to be bound by it. Can a majority of people pass “laws” that deprive anyone of their rights? How can a law that deprives one of their rights be a just law? How can a law be anything but just? If all rights are equal, and a law is passed that deprives a right for the sake of another, the deprivation of that one right nullifies the entire law. If the “law” is merely the will of the legislature then what recourse have we against such a body that devolves into despotism? Are we then denied relief because no claim of violation can stand when rebutted with our accepting despotism as law?

What the legislature may pass as so-called “law” deprives me of nothing. It may frighten me into not exercising my rights, but I am in full possession of all my rights at all times. They are as much a part of me as my thoughts, my bones, and my spirit. They cannot be taken away, only surrendered through inaction or fear.

The “law” does not prevent me from exercising my rights. Only I determine when and where I will exercise my rights. If I allow myself to believe that a law has power over me then it is through that erroneous belief that I choose not to exercise my right out of ignorance or fear. Nobody has deprived me of my right but me. The existence of a “law” has no bearing upon my actions. Only a charge arising out of a violation of the “law” can move the actors in government to seize my body in effort to restrict my exercise of a right, but my right to resist and defend such action is incumbent upon me to whatever end that may provide. The law does not guarantee me anything. It provides a forum for redress of a violation of my rights or an attempt at restrict my exercise of rights, or a controversy arising from conflicting claims of rights, but it guarantees me nothing. Only I, myself, can guarantee my rights by resorting to civil venues established by the consenting and mutual formation of government, or I can resort to a state of nature when faced with an unresponsive or oppressive government and take measures to protect my rights. Rights are not dependent upon law. The law does not create rights. Man creates law. Therefore, it may be claimed that man creates rights. If man can create rights then man can deprive rights. If man can do these things against the will of another man then that is tyranny. Tyranny and law are exclusive of one another. Where one exists the other does not. Law is the protection of life, liberty, and property, but not the origination or guarantee of them.

Those who whisper disparagingly my name as being a rabble rouser and nonconformist, while baptised in the blood of the innocent whose lives were taken by the collectivist, violent state, and who forego critical thought and autonomy in favour of being left alone by authority, will genuflect before their earthly master and swear to submit to idolatry. I say that not ONE of the naysayers have a modicum of courage or conviction; nary an inkling of principle; no concept of self; but instead are defined, regulated, ruled, and subject to despotism, tyranny, and evil. The only refuge of such people is ignorance, violence, and oppression. Yet, I live my life as I wish, obey no one, harm no one, and speak out audaciously, belligerently, vociferously, and confidently that cowardice and intimidation cannot prevail against courage and honest convictions. I prevail.

I believe that some, if not most, people either want or need an external authoritative source for maintaining order. If they so choose to submit to being governed by such authority, and also abdicate what responsibility they have for safeguarding their rights under such a system and in return consent to the oligarchy that will manifest by industrious and enterprising few who are adept at exploiting and capitalizing on the ignorance, greed, and prurient base motivators of the masses then that essentially constitutes consent.

However, for an industrious, enterprising, reasonable, moral, and responsible few who have no need for such a system; as it, by its very nature operates as a barrier and suppressor to the progress of mankind by those few, by appeasing and placating the wants of the many at the expense of the few, then the few should be allowed to live their lives unimpeded and unregulated, notwithstanding tortuous and criminal acts which result in harm or deprivation of other’s like-rights, and are thereby be free to enjoy to the fullest extent their liberty.

I believe that those few will exhibit and set a standard that others may aspire to, while others will simply tire at the thought of such exercise of industry and opt for servitude. Why should the independent, industrious people be conscripted to the stifling yoke of collectivism when they choose to carry a burden of their choosing and not of their assignment? I believe that I am one of those few who do not need, or want, the limits prescribed by man when I can excel if left to my own devices.

I, living as one of those individuals who acts according to my will, have no need to justify through logic or law what I do. My actions are based on MY rules and guidelines. If my actions appear to conform to the mandates, laws, rules, and regulations promulgated by government, then that correlation does not find its origin with government, it just so happens to be in harmony with two sets of standards, mine being the origin and authority for the genesis of my actions. I do not act on prescribed morality, I act upon MY morality. Because government may have a set of rules that comport with my morality is not that government dictates my moral actions.

I do not submit to the judgement of the masses. I cannot be bound by the judgement of others when their morality may not be in harmony with my morality. If it is the way of the world that all of us are subject to arbitrary rule by a majority then I reserve my right to resist at all costs being forced to succumb to arbitrary rule.

Let me ask you, what if I did not elect that government? What if government’s concept of “good” does not comport with my concept of “good”. Government may legislate for the good of ITS people, that being, those who consent, engage, promote, and desire such government. But those who do not cannot be morally bound to obey or submit to such government. The question is, WHO determines what is good for who? Again, the argument boils down to being forced to submit to collectivism under the threat of force. I do not ask government to do anything for my good, or to undertake my responsibilities.

Tell me, if my actions are not based on MY rules and guidelines, can you tell me whose rules and guidelines I pattern my actions after when I peacefully interact with other human beings?

I fail to find in nature, in morality, in the law, where ordinary men who take an oath to no one and who’s only power and authority exists at the behest of men also exercising arbitrary power, where police have been blessed with the ability or power to determine who in-fact is good or bad, and then be morally and lawfully entrusted with the authority to treat them in a manner consistent with their adjudication.

Some men, who serve in the capacity of policemen, are good men; but it is always the person, and not the office, that does us harm. Police is just a mask, a persona. It is the people acting in that role that harm us and no amount of pomp or rhetoric can cast evil men in a noble light because they happen to wear a costume and carry a badge.

I have burned the flag, burned the Bible, and burned the Constitution. These things which are but anchors for the mind. They are not substance. My beliefs, opinions, and knowledge were left untouched, almost enhanced. I realized it is the convenient constructs which confine the mind from exploration and discovery of truth in favour of comfortable illusions. If it is not to be found within, then sadly you are without.

I was asked, “By what right do you disobey the laws of this State?” By what right?! By the right that I existed before the State; antecedent to an army of prehensile proselytizers of sagacious hegemony supplanting my reason with notions of allegiance, patriotism, and subjugation to men and a tatter of cloth. My first concept was that of self, of I. By that right, I need not disobey the State, but disavow it.

When society bears fruit, the seeds of mutual protection, commerce, knowledge, and peace are cast upon the fertile loam of mankind. Then the State, like a noxious weed, takes root in the minds of the intolerant where it chokes the soil with its wars, violence, control, and coerciveness. Tend to your garden. Your bloodand tears are not the impetus for Statism, they are the compost for freedom.

On this Memorial Day, it begs the question, when are the memories of the innocents revered? Is a memorial befitting only those garbed in the trappings of the State and drawing blood in support thereof? Is flesh and blood subordinate to political and imperial aspirations? If I must, in good conscience, find a perch within my mind for which to accept ,as right, any violent death, let it be for usurpers and tyrants.

Every bit of knowledge I perceive myself to acquire, or hope to acquire, through my experience in this life is preemptively eclipsed by the breadth and scope of my ignorance.

Mirrors are the way by which we view our person, conscience is the way by which we view our spirit, society is the way by which we view our humanity, and government is the way by which we shut our eyes.

I am beginning to believe that government is needed… but not necessarily that we need government. Anarchy calls for people of integrity, morals, conscience, and reason for mankind to flourish and let’s face it, most are not up to the task. Therefore, government is needed for some to be controlled, but should not be allowed to touch the lives of those who don’t require it’s crutch.

In the search for truth, it is not most important that one arrives at the answer, but rather be capable of comprehending the question.

Freedoms to not derive from texts, Bills of Rights, or Constitutions. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of deed are not the property of America. America was merely a place whereby a collective means of protecting such was acknowledged and embodied in political texts. Freedom belongs to all, regardless of borders. Even though we may fail to exercise our own, we must respect those of others.

Where there is intentional harm to another – no right can exist.

I have a right to kill you. I have a right to steal from you. By contriving the requisite circumstances and framing a “legal” argument supported by “statutes”, I could “legally” take your life and worldly possessions. Such is the power of the State and its legislative machinations.

By abandoning everything I have been taught it became possible to possess everything I know.

You can take the lowest sort of individual, place him in society, and for personal gain will resort to lies, theft, and violence to meet his needs. The community will come to know him, and at first fear him, until a point is reached where they will come together to destroy him. He is a petty, lonely man who can only find kinship with those of equally emaciated morals.

You take the same individual and cast enough votes for him, and he becomes a legislator, a judge, a policeman. For personal gain, he will resort to legislation, taxation, and enforcement to meet his needs. The community will come to know him, and at first love him, until a point is reached where they will suffer under the tenure of his office hoping for a chance to vote him out. He is a petty, popular man, who has no trouble finding kinship with the ignorant who vote him into existence, or those of equally emaciated morals who bask in the confiscated wealth of those who are now deprived of their societal remedies.

Laws are not rules to live by, they are rules to kill by.

They are set forth by imperfect people to perfect a society by conforming it to an arbitrary standard. The penalty for transgressing that standard is retaliation by the State under force of arms to bring the scofflaw into compliance at all costs. The rules prescribe the circumstances and methods for applying various types of coercion in exacting compliance including deprivation of liberty and death.

The result is not a society of autonomous individuals freely associating peaceably, but a gaggle of morally emaciated nincompoops kowtowing to arbitrary authority in fear of being denied what is theirs by nature.

It can be said, laws are platitudes for a pusillanimous populace divested of their sovereignty through systemic indoctrination and sagacious statism.

I hear people lamenting the demise of the republic, the loss of liberty, encroaching police state, decay of humanity….. but these things are not possible without people first abdicating their sovereignty, humanity, and conscience. When you bemoan these things you eulogize yourself, because without you first rotting from within, humanity cannot rot without. All these things are a collective reflection of what we have chosen to become. I choose to be free, strong, rebellious, and fearless.

I agree with the concept that we are one humanity, but first are individuals. A humanity which exhibits traits of self-destruction or disregard for its members is essentially a cancer. It is incumbent upon the peaceful, tolerant, and loving to subdue the cancer, not by eradicating it, because it does not exist as an entity unto itself, but rather as a condition fostered by the absence of peace and tolerance.

The more peaceable, tolerant, and loving we are the less habitable the environment becomes for the cancer to exist or spread.

I will not fight, die, or kill for a flag, nation, government. I would fight, die, and kill for what is right. What is right, is not what the majority or ruling class says; it is not what society promotes; and it is not what is convenient.

What is right? Right, is all which seduces us to love and peace. It is the absence of violence or aggression. It is putting an end to suffering and pain. It is… being strong for the defence of the weak. It is being tolerant in allowing for differences. It is to forgive in pursuit of healing.

To do right is not to aggress. It is not to attack. It is not to assault. It is to harbour peace in our hearts and place ourselves between the aggressor and his victim. I fight, by adhering to peace. I die, in adherence to my principles, and I kill by starving evil through my non-participation.

It is not the flesh which eats at our humanity, it is the ideas which move the flesh to pursue horror. Fight, die, and kill for ideas which are right; the flesh will follow and the spirit will flourish.

Life is cheap. You find it in ponds, sidewalk crevices, discarded food. It can begin in a Petri dish, from a seed, or anonymous-drunken-boot-knockin‘-passion. What is rare, is love, tolerance, and compassion; as well as realizing there is nothing special about what we are made of or from where we came, but who we are and what we do, not just in relation to others, but equally important, as to ourselves.

I don’t support the troops, I don’t salute the flag, I don’t avow the borders, I don’t recognize race, I don’t follow religion. I am an ignorant bag of bones destined to one day rot and be no more. All these things handed to me by equally ignorant bags of bones who would rather divide the world and its creatures into manageable, conquerable parts for their use. What may assault my senses I truly do not understand. Rather than divide the world into digestible chunks to sooth my limited understanding, I choose to be come one with it. I choose to err on the side of peace.

America is worse than a third-world country. We are broke financially, morally, politically, and intellectually. Third-world countries are what they are, because they lack the resources or knowledge to better their situation. America is what is because the greedy, corrupt, immoral, and arrogant have been provided with the consent of the people to do as they please under the guise of providing for our comfort and security.